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Finding a Roommate

Never underestimate the importance of finding a compatible roommate. Studies have shown that students’ positive feeling about college life is often related to a positive roommate experience. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the roommate from hell, so it’s worth the small investment to improve your chances of a simpatico roomie.

Roommate Matching Service

One of the best ways to find a roommate is to sign up for a roommate matching service. One popular site,, is Facebook-enabled, but there are about 10 different online matching services to choose from. It’s wise to go with a popular one, so you end up with more potential matches since there’s a larger pool of students.

Of course, some college housing offer their own matching services, so you don’t necessarily need to go to an outside service, but it works really well for large universities, where a lot of students will be trying to find roommates too. Before you pay for a service, be sure your college allows you to choose a roommate.

How Roommate Matching Services Work

Finding matches is pretty easy and intuitive. You complete a profile, and answer a lot of questions that relate to lifestyle. We’re talking neatness scale, whether you’re a night owl or early bird, social and academic interests, sports, partying — even preferred temperature of your room. You can include photos or a video if you’d like.

In addition to providing a profile of yourself, you indicate what you’re looking for in a roommate. Then, like magic, you’re given a set of potential roommate matches of the same gender, who will also be attending your university. The matches will be ranked by compatibility.

Through Facebook (or whatever chat option is provided), you get to know each other. It’s a little like dating. You may be Facebook chatting with multiple people in order to narrow down your choices. You’ll probably also be trolling their Facebook site to see their friends, their interests and their photos.

Once you and your roommate choose each other, then you let the college housing department know that you’d like to be roommates, and then, make sure you both indicate the same dorm choices, in the exact same order.

And Then There Were Three

Finding one roommate doesn’t mean that campus housing won’t put you in a triple. You may find yourself with a third roommate, but at least you’ll know one roommate ahead of time.

Knowing at least one of your roommates ahead of time has its advantages. For example, one or both of you may want to rent/buy a refrigerator, but this way, you won’t end up with two of them because you didn’t know your roommate would order one too.



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