More Emphasis on Essays

//More Emphasis on Essays

More Emphasis on Essays

Nearly 90% of common app colleges are not requiring standardized tests for 2022 admissions. That gives you options. If you did well on the SAT or ACT, you’ll send in those scores to test-optional colleges. But if you didn’t do well, you can skip it, just like for the test-blind colleges.

Let’s say you haven’t sent in scores. In that scenario, there’s more riding on your college admissions essays. This doesn’t mean that parents should jump in and rewrite their kids’ essays because they think the essays could be improved. Or that you automatically need an essay coach.

But if you’re feeling like it’s a lot of pressure to write those essays, that’s counter-productive. It’s not easy to be creative when you’re stressed. Ironically, an essay coach can decompress the situation by helping you lean into the writing.

One thing I’ve learned as an essay coach is that you’re the only person who can “do you.” Don’t let anyone else even try to capture what you want to say in a personal statement. If you resort to what you think you’re supposed to say or sound like, you’ll sound like every other nondescript essay out there.

When you write in your original voice, you might discover something about yourself: You’re a good writer.  


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