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Goal: To write the perfect college essay.

Newsflash: There is no perfect college essay. There is no formula. In fact, a formulaic essay is a forgettable essay. And if it’s forgettable, that defeats the entire purpose.

Perhaps you’ve tried already, setting aside time to get this done. You have the opportunity to write absolutely anything. That should be freeing, right? But it’s not, it’s unexplored territory.

If you feel like you’re in a stare down with the page and it’s just staring back blankly at you, that’s the norm, so it may mean that you need a little help to get going. Or if you’ve instead rushed in just to get something down on paper, that’s a great start. But there’s further to go.

Need help writing your essay? Here’s what I can do:

  • Help you find your topic
  • Help you find your voice
  • Help you shape your essay
  • Help you with suggestions
  • Help you make it stand out, so it shows how outstanding you really are!

The essay is all yours. I’m here to help you land on a topic, get started, see it through, and add that final polish so the real you shines through. I am an accomplished college essay coach, as well as a professional writer/editor, and a university instructor. Students I’ve worked with have been offered admissions to the colleges of their dreams and hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships!

Reasonable hourly rates and package rates, your choice.

Email Lori at or fill out the form below. Free introductory assessment and consultation.

Lori Enomoto

Proven success: admission to selective colleges and huge merit scholarships. I’m a college counselor and essay coach. UCLAx College Counseling Certificate, UCLAx Marketing Instructor, UCLA MBA, Admissions interviewer for Pomona College, Phi Beta Kappa, college admissions blogger, professional writer and editor. Reasonable rates, free assessment/consultation.